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Tago Iwata & Tamura Law Office/ Real estate trouble Tago, Iwata & Tamura Law Office
2-5-7 Suite#302 Hirakawa-cho
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0093
TEL: 81-3-3265-9601/ FAX: 81-3-3265-9602
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Tago, Iwata & Tamura Law Office (the former Tago Sogo Law Office) is a law office that provides synthetic legal services including cases that deal with real estate, cases of intellectual property, such as copyright, trademark, etc, cases of international transactions, general troubles relating to money, disputes regarding to environmental pollution, disputes regarding to architecture, cases of traffic accidents, cases of family affairs such as divorce, inheritance, etc, cases that deal with the Commercial Code and judicial affairs of enterprises, cases that deal with the Labor Act, and cases that deal with immigration affairs.
Last update Dec 20, 2012
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