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Tokyo District Court
Registration of real estate
Vacating a building

Outline of Practice Areas
At this law office, we are mainly dealing with cases, which involve buying and selling and renting of real estate, transaction of financial merchandises, architectural conflicts, labor conflicts, consumer issues, and traffic accidents.

In past, we used to deal with many cases of real estate (rent, sublease, setting and cancellation of leases and vacating rooms.) However, we are also dealing with cases that deal with judicial affairs of enterprises such as the investigation of the responsibility of a director, labor conflicts that deal with the invalidity of dismissal (from both employee¡Çs and employer¡Çs side), foreign transaction cases relating to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law, and family affairs such as divorces and successions.

Also, as a characteristic of this law office, we are currently devoting to fields of the law of intellectual property, trademark and license (including copyright) and we are actively accepting the cases relating to this field.

Furthermore, by establishing a joint law office of three attorneys, we are able to correspond smoothly to cases that deal with major development of land and foreign affairs involving international trade.

Current cases we are dealing
¡ÚThe cases of real estate¡Û
The cancellation of lease and lawsuit of cross off the list
Conciliation regarding to reduction of renting fee
Lawsuit of vacating a room (including compulsory execution and the selling of objects which belonged to the room concerned)
¡ÚGeneral civil cases¡Û
Claiming damages relating to traffic accident
Transferring of movable property from one person to another
Claiming damages regarding to medical malpractice (including the investigation on causes of medical malpractice)
¡ÚThe cases of intellectual property¡Û
Investigating, applying, and rewriting a trademark
Investigating infringes of copyright regarding to website
Lawsuit of infringement of copyright (including the claim for recovering reputation based on the law of intellectual property)
¢ÍThe Judgment about copyrights by Tokyo district court
¡ÚThe cases dealing with judicial affairs of enterprises¡Û
Claiming for transferring accounting book
Registering a person resigning the position of managing director
Lawsuit for confirming the nonexistence of managing director¡Çs decision
¡ÚLabor Cases¡Û
Lawsuit for confirming the nonexistence of employment agreement by the end of employment(employer¡Çs side)
Lawsuit for confirming the invalidity of termination of employment (employee¡Çs side)
¡ÚFamily affairs¡Û
Investigation of inheritance and Conciliation on distributing an estate
Lawsuit for confirming the invalidity of divorce and the dissolution of adoption
Divorce by trial with a foreign spouse (a joint case with an attorney admitted in the US)
Lawsuit of claiming for compensation money (including the attachment of a bank account)
¡ÚImmigration and migration affairs¡Û
Applying for special permission of residing, attending oral examination

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