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Tago Iwata & Tamura Law Office/ Real estate trouble °°°°°°Tago, Iwata & Tamura Law Office
°°°°°° 2-5-7 Suite#302 Hirakawa-cho
°° °°°°Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0093
TEL: 81-3-3265-9601/ FAX: 81-3-3265-9602
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When you wish for a request, please contact us via telephone, facsimile, or email.

After preparing dates, we ask you to come to our office and to discuss your case.°  at this point, we are only discussing your case and it is not an official acceptance of appointment°ň

After your consultation, we judge based on your case, the prospect of recovery, and cost-efficiency and whether we are able to accept your case. When we judge that it is capable to accept your case, we then estimate the fee as well as the procedure for managing your case and the time it might take until the case to be resolved, respecting the client°«s wish to maximum.

Furthermore, there are cases in which attorney responsible for your consultation ask for consultation fee or accept your request as a joint case with other attorneys, based on the attorney°«s judgment. Please ask for details.

°° Contact information
9:30AM-5:30PM on weekdays

 Basic flow until the official acceptance of appointment

Firstly, please contact us via telephone, facsimile or email and tell us about your case briefly. (°»I hope to cancel the lease due to the unpaid rent fees of the borrower.°… is one of the examples. However, please keep in mind that at this time, we do NOT advise you regarding to your cases in detail.)
* Moreover, there are cases where we decline your request, when there is no possibility in winning your case or in handling your case at our office.
Please notify us your name, address and contact information and designate date and time in which you are able to come to our office.
°ŕVisiting our office and Consultation°Ř
Please come to our office on the specified date and time and the attorney will hear about your case. (normally around 30 minutes)
* Moreover, there are cases where we decline your request, when there is no possibility in winning your case or in handling your case at our office after hearing your case in detail.
Based on your information given in previous consultation, the attorney responsible for your case will estimate the procedure, time, and costs/fees. (There are cases in which we take about 2 to 3 days until we can estimate fees properly.)
°ŕOfficial Acceptance of Appointment°Ř
After discussing with you and attorney based on the estimation, we decide whether we accept your appointment officially. In case of acceptance of appointment (or you appoint our office to settle your case), we will make an Agreement of Acceptance of Appointment.
* Moreover, in case we could not agree with each other, we might decline your request at this point.
°ŕCommencing of the work°Ř
We will begin the detailed procedure as to prepare for negotiations and lawsuits, such as to send contents-certified mail.
* Moreover, when you did not pay the deposit or break one of the articles of the agreement that we concluded earlier on, we might decline (quit) your case at this point.

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